Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I’ve entered the crazy stage of the first trimester at my school, where all the teachers are summoned twice weekly to meetings about student performance in the upper grades.  It’s a great practice, since the principal stays on top of the academic environment that way, but it also devours my free time.  Last night I had the first of these meetings; hence the late posting on my blog!

Anyway, what with the preparations, plus the usual grading and general getting on with life, time for writing and/or editing has been scarce.  I have managed to squeeze in a couple pages of work here and there, but my real goal is to clear out so much class preparation that I’ll have a free day during the Thanksgiving weekend to seclude myself and edit for three hours or something.  That sounds quite lovely…Amazing how absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I even long for the return of editing!

So today’s blog post, rather than tackling any weighty authorial subject, will just ramble about. 

A little shy about opening up...
Life is pretty quiet up here in North Idaho.  Winter set in for a week – it dumped snow; everyone rushed for snow tires – but then Fall returned with torrential rain and today it felt quite balmy. 

We’ve had a warm fall in general, actually.  Just last week, I walked up to school in a sweater and scarf (coat not needed!) and stopped before going inside to fish out my camera.  Right beside my path up the stairs, a small, valiant colony of mushrooms had popped up, encouraged by the extended warm period and the humid air.  They looked delicate and fragile, with pale, translucent colors and soft, exposed gills. 

Things look more brilliant in adverse conditions!
It seemed a little ironic that after all their struggle to emerge, the very next day brought three inches of snow to bury them.  Things can change so fast!  It’s a little frightening.  And yet, at the same time, there was something so graceful about the new snow.  I could hardly regret the loss of the mushrooms too bitterly.  It's often that way, I think.  One thing fades away, and we’re tempted not to appreciate what replaces it.  However, if we just encourage ourselves to have fresh eyes, even the new thing can seem beautiful and startling. 

Besides having philosophical thoughts about mushrooms, I’ve also been indulging my creativity with a bit of cooking (chicken noodle soup for the cold weather!) and also with some drawing.  A young friend of mine had her 16th birthday this past weekend, and I felt it was a good excuse to exercise my rusty artistic abilities.  I pulled out pencils and a sheet of drawing paper and got to work.

I must say that there’s definitely a refreshing element in changing the creative pace occasionally.  Granted, I’m antsy about the lack of writing, but even so, it felt good to express myself through another outlet – and one which I don’t use often enough. 

So I guess my post ended up being about change, in a non-focused sort of way.  Change of seasons; change of artistic media: everything brings new revelations and opportunities, even if not the ones we were looking for.  It’s a hopeful feeling, I must say.  Let me know if anyone who wanders by to read this post shares it with me!

Animals and colors to delight a 16 year old's heart!

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  1. You can draw for me anytime. I think you may even have some kind of fable here...that's what it reminds me of. The Tortoise and the Hare, only you've got a Dolphin and a Hare.

    Kudos to your friend! It's nice to be recognized for the things your good at and like to do.

    Since we are rambling...
    While it isn't all that unusual for our grandson (about two and a half to know his colors - thanks to Thomas the Train and Friends) it is interesting for him to put what he knows in context into other situations. Change... (let me explain that I'm not one to dye my hair) here you go; While bending down to play with my grandson he started talking about hair...I don't have bangs, he does...and I bent forward to show him my head. "Grama you have silver hair." Yup. salt and pepper...mousy brown pepper that is. Change the true constant of life. :)