Thursday, January 23, 2014

Change in the Air

I never expected to spend January of 2014 making excuses on my blog for a three month hiatus, but here I find myself doing just that.  I promise, though, that this is the last blog which will feature such things.  The problem is that those three months were full of a multitude of things, and I actually wanted to write about them.  Hence my excuse-making; it gives me a chance to cover topics that are now weeks old. 

The final element which contributed to my silence was a somewhat tumultuous holiday season. 

Actually, I should correct myself:  for me, it was very calm.  For friends and family…tumult and change and upheaval.

The first and most drastic news came when my younger brother announced in the second week of December that he was quitting his job in the food service industry.  Instead, he’d be gallivanting off to California on January 2 (barely three weeks away), to join forces with my older brother who is an engineer in a heavy industry company.  The news came as a shock.  My parents and I had not even known he was applying for a new job, much less accepting it and making plans to move!

Still, after we picked up our several jaws from the ground where they’d fallen, we all agreed that it would be good for my brother.  Christmas was perhaps a little muted by his impending departure, but at the same time, there was a sense of heightened enjoyment of our family traditions, thanks to the knowledge that this was the last year they’d be quite the same.  I was mostly excited that he was getting such a good work opportunity.  Now, though, a few weeks after all the dust has settled, I admit I miss his company.  I’m always the type who gets elated by change, but then has a few days of the blues after it’s all said and done.

The second dramatic thing came from the Carpitect.  Almost without warning a rather prestigious architecture firm summoned him across several states to be interviewed.  Suddenly he was in need of advice on new clothes for the meeting, not to mention greatly increased discussion of pros and cons and whys and hows and whens.  The firm did not end up being a fit for him (plus its location was totally blas√©), but just the effort of taking the trip and appearing for the interview and reviewing the experience afterwards before a decision could be made was intense enough!  It turns out that just the attempt to find a good architectural job is almost more work than a position at a firm would be.

After those two revelations, matters settled down for a bit, but a few days after New Year’s, everything erupted again.  First of all the Fashionista had an opportunity open up for her.  She was geared up to accept it; she was beginning to get excited and think it was just the exact thing for her – and then without warning it vanished.  Of course having one’s hopes dashed so forcefully is a hard thing to bear.  Obviously, the solution was to have a girls’ night in.

So that’s exactly what we did, and spent five hours hashing out all the details, in the overly analytical way in which women like to console themselves.  It was great fun, and while it perhaps didn’t heal all the Fashionista’s disappointment, it certainly brought us closer together.  I for one am grateful for that! 

The day after the Fashionista’s  shock, I got a text from Vasnefy.  She was visiting her parents for Christmas, home from her job as a professor.  Without warning, the president of her college wrote to all his employee’s, informing them that some important funding from benefactors had fallen through.  The college would be converted to an online only program for the semester.  You can imagine that when I heard the news, I felt like all my friends were being pelted with misfortune!  I promptly took Vasnefy out for drinks, so that she could pour her woes in my ear.  Not being the type to be easily gotten down, though, she remained cheerful, and we ended up talking for three hours about personality and relationship and knowledge and other fascinating topics.

Moreover, the very enterprising students of the college started a Go Fund Me campaign, and raised a quarter of a million dollars in a week.  As suddenly as the original announcement had appeared, it was revoked.  The college (I’m happy to say, as it is the same college I attended for my bachelor’s degree) is back in operation as a physical school.  Vasnefy returned to Texas to her job, after all. 

So things have worked out, mostly for the good, in spite of some bittersweet moments and some sadness here and there.  I feel closer to all my friends after the holidays, and proud of my brother for breaking out to do what he needed to in his career.  I suppose that’s a good result of Christmas – a stronger connection to all the people I hold dear.  I hope everyone else enjoyed such a gift from the holiday season, and I wish all my visitors a belated happy new year.  At least it’s still January as I extend my hopes to you all for a wonderful 2014!

May the light of hope shine in your new year!

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  1. In speaking with some writers who have all the time in the world to do such things...they have reminded me, as well as themselves that some of us actually have 'other lives' outside the realm of writing. So perhaps some of my own works might have fallen short of their expectations. We all have peaks and valleys. May all your peaks be greater than your valleys.

    It is tough when family and friends are further than we would like them to be. But it is also nice to have the support of our 'net' friends. So in that vain... I am glad that we are 'here' for each other.

    Looking for light to melt some of the more resent snow...and bring spring, which will bring summer... Change is really the only constant.
    May we all be able to embrace gracefully the changes that are our lives.

    Best ~Jules