Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Lady and the Unicorn

Farewell, my beautiful unicorn:
For a while under the green pinewood
you visited me. We walked together
in the gentle light and spoke of countless things,
until your horn pierced me.
I knew then that the name of my pain
was love.

Shy creature, your eyes were infinite
and saw dread visions of the future.
Even at my side you walked alone
and I marveled at your grace, the light
of your white coat, your oceanic horn.

On a spring night long ago, I rode to the woods
and under the shadow trees
I saw you, rare and delicate,
pacing toward me across the litterfall.
You laid your head in my lap
and I, amazed, stroked your silky mane
as it tumbled across my hands.

Too much a hunter am I, my dear.
With that prize in my grasp
my urge was to seize, to hold tight,
to make you my own, my perfect trophy.
You were not born for bondage.
You fled me in instinct, in mind,
never resting in peace under my hands.

Such beauty you gave me, even so,
my unicorn. You lit my life with stars
and dreams of grandeur, sharing
the magic of creation.
Never can I hate you, though you fought me,
though I bore the sting of your horn.

Now the time has come:
I raise my hands, release you.
Go forth upon your way, my dear;
in the dusk of another spring night
bestow your visions anew.

I will leave the greenwood
and journey again in daylit lands:
there I must relearn the name of solitude.
Yet I am not abandoned;
in the trace of your horn across my life,
a small light abides to teach me.


  1. I really like this piece.
    How often we wish to hold that which cannot be held.
    Like the stars, moon and sun... and unicorns.

    I've been playing with writing fiction as well - you might enjoy:

    All the best in this New Year.

    1. Thank you, Jules! This poem just flowed out almost perfectly, so it was something that I needed to write apparently. I'm happy you liked it, as I also am quite happy with how it turned out.

      I'm just heading over to check out your haibun/tale :)