Sunday, April 12, 2015

A New Home

It happened at last: I found a new apartment. Actually, considering that I only looked for about two weeks before a friend of mine bumped into me at a social event and told me that her landlady was looking for a new tenant, it was about the easiest apartment hunt anyone ever had. It also only served to confirm my growing suspicion that most things in life come through connections with other people, rather than from one’s own efforts in a vacuum.

The building is an old Victorian style house in the town next to my current one. There are old neighborhoods between the original downtown and the newer, more sprawling uptown, and this is where my new apartment can be found. In college I lived in old apartment buildings on tree-lined streets in Texas; this converted house has a lot of the same appeal, but is luckily far better maintained. I am very excited about living there.

All my furniture has been moved over, and next week I’ll be working on getting my kitchen supplies, clothes, pictures, decorations, etc., all organized and settled. My first night there is set to be next Friday. I’m very excited, but also exhausted by the process piled on top of my normal work week, so I’m going to have a short post today, but several pictures of the apartment as I first met it. Believe me that there will be plenty of updates in the future, as I work on window treatments, furniture updates and budgetary management!


Here's the Living Room

And the Bedroom...

And the array of kitchen windows, which is my favorite part!

And out the back door, with a farewell to the Kitchen!

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